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My Favorite Wedding Florists in Seattle

Fresh flowers make any wedding or elopement stand out amongst the sea of cookie cutter weddings. Check out this light read of our favorite PNW florists. I would too, it adds an atmosphere you can feel that excites your guests’ senses. You may be asking yourself, but Tosha, how do we choose our favorite wedding florists in Seattle?

Whether you’re looking at flowers with texture, a luxury design or a detailed aesthetic, I can provide a detailed list of my favorite wedding florists in Seattle to help you find the perfect fit. Having the right florist can change the atmosphere of your wedding, so picking one of the best wedding florists in Seattle for you and your partner is critical! You want a confident and genuine florist who truly cares about your special day and all your guests. I took two years while wedding planning to learn wedding florals and let me tell you, it was hard work. You need someone who truly values their work and you as a couple! Here are a few of my absolute favorite wedding florists in Seattle.

Dreamy Wedding at Cedar Springs in Port Orchard

Elle Fleurit Floral

Elle specializes in artful floral design with great care for sustainability. She stands out amongst the sea of florists because she cherishes the uniqueness of each couple and puts that into each design for her clients! I already know you’re gonna love her and how thoughtful her designs are.

Tangled Roots Floral

Adina is a delight to work with from start to end. She is based in Bellingham but services Seattle and the surrounding area for couples! Tangled Roots Floral Company is deeply rooted in community, seasonality, and creative expression using flowers as a medium. She believes flowers have their own stories to tell and loves to weave them through the tapestry of your own; whether that’s through color, texture, shape or the sentimental value that comes from seeing your Grandma’s favorite flower in your bouquet.

The Petal and The Stem

The Petal and The Stem is located in Snohomish County but is often in the Seattle area during peak wedding season making many couples' dreams come true with their floral vision! From large installations to lush greenery garlands, their work will wow you! They believe that “ weddings are the perfect combination of love, beauty, dreams and wishes”.

Moon Flower Design Co

There is something so amazing about working with florists that are on their game, every. single. time!

Working with Sam from Moon Flower is the only way to go if you are a couple looking for a florist who is creative, collaborative, and very detail orientated. Sam not only meets the bar every time she arrives on wedding day, she surpasses it. Her expertise will have you feeling so relieved and the flowers aesthetic will not disappoint.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this gives you a great starting point into finding the best wedding florist for you and your partner. Have more questions? I would love to help you pick the best vendors possible. Inquire with me today!



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