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Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Angela & Sander’s Emerald Forest Washington wedding was one of my favorites to date! A & S were TOTAL dream clients, and I’m so lucky that our paths crossed. As a Washington wedding planner, it’s my job to make sure my couples are as stress-free as possible on their big day. But Angela & Sander made that sooo easy because they were so much fun right off the bat! I can’t wait for you to hear all about their Emerald Forest wedding.

Their Emerald Forest micro wedding vision

They wanted something intimate, moody, and with all the PNW vibes for their big day. And of course, Emerald Forest was beyond perfect for what they had in mind. From our very first Zoom call, Angela and I hit it off and I was so excited to work with her! We started bouncing ideas off of each other and I immediately knew we were gonna be a dream team.

Throughout the planning process, I was amazed at just how resourceful Angela & Sander were. Them and their friends got super creative and handmade a lot of the elements they ended up including for their wedding! Sander built their arbor from scratch pipe (can you believe that?! I’m obsessed with my type A clients) and Angela created all the laser cut items for the day! She also got bubble guns from online, but bought them in the opposite colors that they needed. So Sander took them apart so they could paint them without ruining the electrical components inside, and then put them all back together again. I’m telling you, these two are a POWER couple!

Watching their day come to life

Not gonna lie - I cried like a baby throughout the entire day. There were so many personal touches they incorporated into their wedding! It felt so special to be a part of such an intimate, heartfelt day, and witness the merging of two beautiful families. Their Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding was so lovely.

Don’t even get me started on their ceremony. Angela walked out to the song "Hoppipolla" by Sigur Ros, which is a dream of hers she has had for years. They had a beautiful Hawaiian ring blessing that was recited in both Hawaiian and Polish. I always love witnessing the different cultural aspects that couples choose to incorporate, and Angela & Sander were no exception!

A & S were welcomed into their ceremony with a shower of bubbles (now you know what they were used for), and made their exit surrounded by them too. I think I’ve officially found my new favorite wedding trend!! The photos turned out soooo good, and it gave such a unique vibe to them.

One of my FAVORITE things that my clients do is involve their pet into their wedding or elopement. And guess what?? Angela & Sander decided to include their adopted pupper Lilo throughout the entire day! Angela walked down the aisle with Leo by her side, and stayed next to her throughout the ceremony. They looked like one tiny happy family!

Right after the legal stuff was taken care of and A & S signed their marriage license, Sander’s mom offered them a blessing in polish tradition. You can see in the photos - they had a shot of vodka paired with a piece of freshly made salted bread!

Angela's mom presented the family and the couple with gestures of love. For the groom: a ti leaf lei, and for the bride: a pikake lei. She also blessed them with a Hawaiian Hula Dance to end toasts for the happy couple. Their day was most definitely focused on love, tradition, and excitement!

And the reception was definitely not an exception. For their first dance, they decided to play the song “Simply The Best,” but the Schitt’s Creek rendition. The Hawaiian food that they served was a BIG hit - I was practically drooling when it came out! Their guests enjoyed the open bar that served the bride and groom’s favorite alcoholic drinks. For dessert, they had malasadas (which is my new FAVORITE dessert) and pineapple ice cream from Sam Choy's Poke.

The way we set up their cute little reception area was absolutely perfect. Angela even bought Star Wars themed signs for the backs of their chairs. Everywhere you looked, there were personal touches that made their day so ultimately them.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Angela did a quick little outfit change halfway through! Her ceremony dress was beautiful, handmade by her personal friend, Mary Jill. And then she switched to a gorgeous pink dress for the rest of the evening! They took even more photos around Emerald Forest and really took advantage of what the venue had to offer! They ended the night with an epic laser show, and I was left still buzzing with excitement on my way home.

What I loved about their Emerald Forest Washington micro wedding

Being able to be a part of such an intimate day with A & S and their loved ones is something I’ll never forget. Working with them to bring their vision to life in such a creative way was one of my favorite experiences! And to watch them be stress free and happily in love all throughout their day is the reason I made this my job in the first place.

Emerald Forest Micro Wedding

Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Emerald Forest

Intimate Wedding at the Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Emerald Forest Washington Micro Wedding

Wedding Planner: Elevated Events by Tosha

Photographer: Greenhouse Photo Co 

Catering + Desserts: Sam Choys Poke 

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