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Best Places to Elope in Seattle

If you’re here you might be considering an elopement or intimate celebration and looking for the best places to elope in Seattle! The PNW is filled with a variety of options for eloping. It has a little something for everyone - the serene waterfalls, the lush evergreen forests and a magical atmosphere.

Mount Rainier National Park

Photos by Jaime Denise Photography

An absolute favorite for local and destination couples, Mt. Rainier is sure to make an impression as you get close to the stunning mountain and summertime wildflowers. Its beauty leaves you breathless as you walk through the trails. It is one of the best places to elope in Seattle due to its accessibility, the gorgeous mountain and the lush forest trails you are immersed in. It truly evokes all your senses as you walk about - just make sure you get there early!

Cedar Springs

Photos by Cindy Nguyen Photography

A quick ferry ride from downtown Seattle is a magical place tucked away in Port Orchard and is truly one of the best places to Elope in Seattle. Cedar Springs is family owned and truly a place you will find swooning over and over again as you walk the grounds and experience everything it has to offer.

The Emerald Forest

Photos by Green House Photo Co

This elopement and micro-wedding venue is one of Washington’s most unique wedding destinations. The entire venue is inside a dreamy moss-carpeted forest with a treehouse-like “theater in the trees” as the centerpiece within the forest. The Emerald Forest provides a stunning backdrop while offering a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful, warm string-lights hang throughout the 5-acre property and bring the forest to life at night. The Emerald Forest is about 30 minutes East of Seattle.

Whidbey Island

Photos by TMinspired Photography

Whidbey Island is one of my favorite places in Seattle for couples to elope! I had the pleasure of setting up a reception table for Kaily and Kelsey that was tailored to them as a couple. The amazing Taylor of TMinspired Photography and Nathan of Ochoa Wedding Films captured it all so perfectly. The island is a quick ferry ride from downtown Seattle, be sure to keep an eye out for orcas on the way over.

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