Elopements and Micro Weddings with The Emerald Forest 

This elopement and micro-wedding venue is one of Washington’s most unique wedding destinations.  The entire venue is inside a dreamy moss-carpeted forest with a treehouse-like “theater in the trees” as the centerpiece within the forest.  The Emerald Forest provides a stunning backdrop while offering a serene and relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful, warm string-lights hang throughout the venue and bring the forest to life at night. 

I have partnered with this amazing venue because it is 

The forest can accommodate up to 35 guests (including vendors) for your special day. 
You can choose from various ceremony locations throughout the property; the stage next to the theater, the theater platform in the trees, or find a completely natural spot in the forest amongst the hemlocks and cedars. The forest has a gorgeous mossy floor and a blend of magical fir trees with natural sunlight rays shining through the forest canopy. 

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