I Adore What I do

In 2018, I “officially” started Elevated Events by Tosha during my senior year at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington while working as an Event Coordinator for a local catering company, Fork in the Road. While working for this company I was dedicated to pursuing event planning and having hands on experience during our wedding season. During my time at Fork in the Road, I met some amazing folks who were interested in hosting private events at their homes and had faith in me to coordinate and plan their events. Although I was still finishing my degree and working full time, I knew that this is what I wanted! I found my forte for design and my love of events and weddings. 

After graduating with my degree in Social Sciences and Hospitality Business Management, my boyfriend and I bought a house in his hometown, Port Orchard. Hello Kitsap County!

I found an amazing opportunity as a wedding coordinator for a waterfront wedding venue in Silverdale, WA and have been working their for the past year. 

While working for the hotel I was able to network and accumulate a list of extraordinary vendors who I trust to help make your day amazing. During Covid, I had plenty of time on my hands and a great team I could trust so I decided to update my website and get back in the game!

My goal is to create a memorable and unique experience through seamless planning and details! I believe being an event planner is more than timelines and checklists. It's about being a partner, friend, and confidant. 

I absolutely love celebrating love, whether it's a wedding or birthday I want to create an experience for you that will last a lifetime. I am here for you, every step of the way. 


Tosha Chavez 
Founder & Creative Director of Elevated Events 

Elevated Events by Tosha is based out of Port Orchard, Washington

Kitsap County Wedding Planner 

Bremerton Wedding Planner 

Port Orchard Wedding Planner 

Email: Elevatedeventsbytosha@gmail.com

Phone: (509)-595-0236

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